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Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer

Crafting timeless and cinematic images that capture moments of your love story that will wow you for years to come.

Caro Liz Creative is a premier wedding photographer in Oklahoma City also serving DFW, Houston, Tulsa, and beyond.

Oklahoma City Wedding Photography

for modern couples madly in love!


A tear rolled down Amy's cheek...

The air on that cabin balcony was still as Trey and Amy shared their private promises to one another as a prelude to their wedding ceremony. As I captured this moment, my own eyes filled with tears witnessing firsthand the authenticity and depth of their love story.

I couldn't believe it -- I was the one crying! But this reminded me why I started wedding photography to begin with: the raw emotion and celebration of love. 

I'm Caroline, and I am a wedding photographer in OKC also serving many Texas cities as well as Tulsa! My career in wedding photography bloomed out of my own love for experiencing and documenting moments that evoke emotion and pure love.

Caroline Thurmaier

OKC Wedding Photographer

Timeless, cinematic, and raw, my craft is fueled by modern couples madly in love. The couples I work with are fun-loving, adventurous, and crazy about each other. If that sounds like you, click the button below to learn more about the full Caro Liz experience.

the artist

A black and white photo of a bride standing in a courtyard. Her dress has floral details on the bottom and a simple v-neck bodice. Her bouquet is lush and organic. Her bridesmaids walk around her in a blur, and she stares ahead with a serious expression. Photo by OKC wedding photographer Caro Liz Creative.

Deep laughs and big smiles.

Do you want to enjoy your wedding day instead of spending hours posing for photos? Are you all about making your wedding day your own? Do you want to laugh deep and smile big as you celebrate your love story?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place!

Get the inside scoop on what it's like to be a Caro Liz couple by clicking the button below!

Photos by OKC Wedding Photographers with Caro Liz Creative

A groom in a white tuxedo with a detailed feather bowtie and feather boutonniere. He has a cigar in his mouth and a slight smile. There are twinkling lights and greenery behind him. One of his groomsmen stands behind him in a black tux. Photo by Oklahoma City wedding photographer Caro Liz Creative.


"Caroline was a dream! She was so sweet and personable and made my husband and I feel so comfortable taking pictures the entire time she was there! She was very organized and kept things moving when we were running behind, without ever making us feel rushed or stressed. It felt more like we had an extra friend at the wedding who just happened to have a camera around her neck at all times."

Trey + Amy

Photo by OKC Wedding Photographer Caro Liz Creative


As one of the premier wedding photographers in Oklahoma City, I have the privilege to capture weddings at many different event spaces across the city! 


I love weddings at McGranahan Barn in OKC! The staff is thoughtful and well-organized, and the event space is gorgeous.


Rose Briar Place is a gorgeous OKC wedding venue with a stunning chapel and elegant reception space. One of my favorite venues to shoot!


The Barn at the Woods features a vintage house and rustic barn nestled along Bluff Creek just outside Oklahoma City.



MEET Caroline

Did you know most brides and grooms spend more time with their photographers than with their guests--or even their partner--on their wedding day? Yes, way!

That's why my couples not only get a photographer but also a best friend. I truly care about my clients and never take it lightly what an honor it is to capture someone's wedding day.

Get to know more about your wedding day third-wheel at the button below!

A bride and groom smile as they kiss. The wedding party stands behind them and cheers. The groomsmen are excited and have their hands in the air. The bridesmaids are smiling and cheering. The bouquets have white flowers and simple greenery. Photo by Oklahoma City wedding photographer, Caro Liz Creative.

Photo by OKC Wedding Photographers with Caro Liz Creative

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Wedding photography is so much more than a pretty picture. It is a time machine to help you relive your perfect day for decades to come. You deserve to look back at your wedding day through beautifully crafted, heirloom images by one of the best wedding photographers in Oklahoma City.

I am here to come alongside you and photograph moments big and small so you can look back on and relive your day. Head to my experience page to find out what kinds of couples I work with.

A bride and groom smile as they almost kiss. The bride's hand touches the groom's chin and featured her wedding ring. The groom wears a simple black tuxedo with a black tie. The bride's dress has lace and beading details. Her hair is down with boho braids and loose curls. Her wedding nails are nude, short, and simple. Posing is called kissing with teeth. Photo by Oklahoma City wedding photographer, Caro Liz Creative.

Looking for pricing?

Finding your perfect wedding photographer can feel like grappling for a light switch in the dark, am I right? I put together a helpful guide outlining the average cost of wedding photography in OKC. I also discuss where my own pricing fits in!

Learn about my collections here, or learn more about how much to spend on a wedding photographer in Oklahoma City below!

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Planning your wedding? Make sure to ask your potential wedding photographers these 25 important questions before hiring them! From understanding their photography style, handling challenging lighting situations, to how they backup and protect your images, and even their policies on cancellations and refunds. Ask these questions because you deserve to hire your dream photographer!


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow."


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