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My name is Caroline Thurmaier. I am an OKC-based wedding photographer passionate about connection, beauty, and love. As a photographer, I take on the sacred task of capturing some of life's biggest and most precious moments.

I'm so much more than just your wedding photographer.

I'm your cheerleader, confidant, dress fluffer, hair fixer, advocate, bestie -- the list goes on and on! After six years as a photographer, I have learned that snapping photos is just one small part of my role on your wedding day team.


My role is to ensure the photography timeline stays on track, that my couples always have plenty of time for drinks and dinner, and that you are focusing on enjoying and soaking up your day above all else.

I'm just a Texas gal living in Oklahoma, married to the cutest barista, going to law school, and pursuing my photography dreams.


Fun-loving and joke-cracking.

If you are looking for an aloof photographer who will blend into the background, I'm probably not the girl for you.


I get to know my couples and the wedding party, and we have a blast all day long! Besides just wanting to be your best friend, I place a great priority on bringing out authentic emotions and bold confidence through the connection I make with all my clients.


Photo by Vickie Olson Photography

Multi-passionate as heck!

In addition to being a wedding photographer in Oklahoma City, I am a law student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. 


Wait, what? Yes!


I have big dreams to combine my wedding photography dreams with my legal career. More on that to come ;)





You deserve to relive your wedding day with photos that leave you breathless, and I'm here to capture every moment so you can look back and remember.


Personal, proven, and premiere...


...the Caro Liz experience is for couples madly in love and passionate about capturing their story.

From our first meeting to collaborative day-of planning to reliving your day through your inspired, hand-edited final images, the Caro Liz experience is a proven and personal program tailored to your love story.

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